1. When was the brand founded? 

Plethora Gold Elite Moments was founded in 2021.

  1. What is important to your brand? 

To be natural, beneficial and affordable luxury products. Plethora Gold Elite Moments strongly believe herbs are effective in healing problematic skin.

  1. Who is your brand for?  

Women in need of a good body care routine while balancing work, children and/or home life. Don’t let that stop you from purchasing for the men in your life. Our products are for everyone!

4.Are your products organic? 

Yes, our herbs and oils are organic and natural, and our fragrances are all vegan.

5.Where are you based? 

London, UK.

6.What is your company mantra? 

Invest in yourself.

Product ( allergy, how they are made, location)

  1. How are your products made? 

Handmade in small batches with love, care and attention.

  1. Are the products made in the UK? 


  1. How do I know what products will work for me? 

Please read the full product description to see if the oils, herbs and nature of the product is best for your skin concern. Please check for any allergens before buying. 

  1. Are your products lab tested? 

Yes of course! We test all our products for a minimum trial period of 3 months on a variety of skin and hair types. 

  1. Do you recommend patch testing? 

Yes, we strongly advise to test patch before committing to use as nuts are handled on site. We use herbs on the premises and in the majority of our products and coconut oil in some of our products.

  1. Can I use if pregnant or nursing?

If you are pregnant, think you may be pregnant or nursing please consult with your doctor before use. For our Herbs Heal range, do not use if you are pregnant or nursing.

  1. Can I use Plethora’s spray on my skin?

All Plethora’s Sprays are for rooms and fabric. If you wish to spray the fragrance on your skin or clothing, it is not recommended but you can do so at your own discretion. Please do a patch test if you choose to use it on your skin.

  1. Do you test on animals? 

Absolutely not! We believe that products for humans should be safe enough to test on human skin.

  1. How long can I use my product after opening? 

Body butters 12 months, body scrubs 6 months, body oils 6 months. Please check the label upon receipt. 

  1. When do gift cards expire? 

5 years after purchase. An email will be sent along with the electronic gift card and all the information you need. 

  1. When will I see results? 

We recommend using your chosen products for up to 6 weeks, 2-3 times a week so see improvement.

  1. How do I best use the products? 

We recommend first using the body scrub, followed by the body butter, then layering a body oil on top.

Shipping and refunds policy

  1. How long does delivery take? 

3-5 working days.

  1. Do you offer express delivery? 

Yes, 1-3 working days.

  1. Where do you deliver? 

UK (we are working on offering worldwide delivery soon!)

  1. Is it possible to change my delivery address once my order has been placed? 

Yes, please email: elite.momentstr@gmail.com with the preferred address and we will amend this for you.

  1. What is your returns policy? 

We don’t offer returns once an order has been processed.

  1. Do you offer gift cards? 

Yes. We have three price options available, £25, £50 and £80.

  1. If I have an allergic reaction to a product, can I return it? 

Unfortunately not. Therefore we strongly advise you read all the ingredients and warnings before purchase and speak with your doctor if you are concerned about any of the listed ingredients.

  1. My body butter has arrived a little melted, what do I do?

This is very normal, especially during the summer months. Please place the jar in the fridge and it will harden up again.