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25 Minute Hair Consultation

25 Minute Hair Consultation

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Men please refer to my: 'ONLY KINGS Hair & Beard Guide' COMING SOON

Hi there, I am offering 25 minutes phone consultations for hair concerns. I understand not everyone wants to grow their hair long. You may want to restore health, thickness, reduce serious breakage and shedding, stop dryness, restore bald spots etc. Whatever your reason, I'm here to offer guidance. This call includes ONE email follow-up 4 weeks after the call.

Please note: This call is for ONE PERSON only. Please do not also ask questions regarding your children's hair or other family members. If you need to do so, please book another call. 

This call is for natural hair and transitioning from relaxed hair only. If you have dreadlocks, this call is not for you. Let me know your hair type on the call.

Breakdown of the call:

- First 5 minutes: Breakdown to me your hair concerns and current routine. (Please prepare in advance for this call and know exactly what you want to say, even write it down if it helps so that you don't forget any important information. Tell me your hair type here.)

Next 15 minutes: I will offer advice and suggestions for improvements to your current routine and products you could incorporate. Please have a pen and paper as I will guide you through key points for your new hair growth journey.

Last 5 minutes: If you have any questions, this is the time to ask and clarify anything I've explained.

If you require further help and guidance, please choose my 'Plethora’s Hair Growth Programme' COMING SOON for a more in depth course of hair care treatment. Alternatively, you can book in another call following 4 weeks from the initial call for a follow-up.

I will cover:

- Wash day and effective methods
- Daily/weekly maintenance 

- Diet and health

- Your plan, goal and expectations

- Products to use and routine to follow

You will be emailed a copy of our conversation in case you missed anything I have suggested or advised. 



At check out, ensure to include your email and phone number. You will be emailed to confirm a suitable date and time and confirmation of the best number to contact you on. You will be phoned from a 'no caller ID'.

I will not tolerate verbal abuse or weird behaviour on the phone. If you have not made a genuine call request for hair concerns I will end the call and you will not be refunded. If you are a man, I will end the call and you will not be refunded. If you discuss anything other than hair care, I will also end the call and you will not be refunded, If you ask me any inappropriate or personal unrelated to hair care questions, I will end the call and you will not be refunded.  I reserve the right to protect myself and my business. 


Caveat: Plethora Gold Elite Moments cannot guarantee an absolute solution to medical hair issues or full hair regrowth. Medical issues meaning you have confirmed hair or health medical problems from your Doctor. Our products are meant to improve hair and skin conditions, helping them return to a healthier state. Do not go against your Doctors orders or stop taking any medication. We will not advise you to do this. If you do so, this is at your own risk and no fault of Plethora Gold Elite Moments. 

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