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Plethora Gold Elite Moments

Fragrance Spray: Strong Oak (Tom Ford Dupe)

Fragrance Spray: Strong Oak (Tom Ford Dupe)

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This is a Ombré Leather Tom Ford Dupe

Experience the empowering confidence of Strong Oak Fragrance Spray. This woody, earthy scent, with notes of suede and precious woods including sandalwood and vanilla, is a perfect way to fragrance your clothes and room, and evoke feelings of masculinity and certainty. Enjoy the harmony of violet, regal iris, musk and jasmine to complete this strong and unforgettable blend.

Fragrance reminders: Woody, earthy, masculine, hunter, safety, depth, grounded, solid, certainty. 

Patch test first, as it may produce an allergic reaction on skin.

Warnings: Do not spray directly at eyes, mouth, nose or ears. If product enters eyes rinse cautiously with water.

Ingredients: Denatured Alcohol, Aqua, Parfum, Polysorbate 20.

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Did you know we either use vegan fragrances or essential oils in our products.

Why not up-cycle your old spray or oil bottles for useful bottles around the home. Plastic flowers would work beautifully - or even decorate them with gems.

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